The easy-to-use tools and helpful resources your family needs.


This has made my family’s life so much easier. There’s a lot of us and we all live in different places. Thanks to Kinto, we always know how our mom is doing.
— Sue H.

How can Kinto help you and your family?

Communicate with Family

  • Add family and friends to your "Care Team."
  • Exchange direct messages with friends and family about loved one's care.
  • Assign To-Dos to people in your Care Team.

Organize Medical and Legal Information

  • Add your loved one's medications. 
  • Track dosage and other relevant medication information. 
  • Store all your legal documents in one place.

Keep Track of Your Loved One's Health

  • Complete a check-in each day to update your Care Team on the status of your loved one.

  • Compile a history of your loved one's mood, mind, daily living, and body.
  • Share this information directly with your family and friends all at once. 

Find Support and Resources

  • Find information about the most common caregiving challenges in our Articles section. 

  • Connect with other caregivers through the Kinto Community. 
  • Participate in conversations relevant to family caregiving. 
  • Find and provide support for other family caregivers.