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Caregiving is hard. We're here to help.

If you’re one of the 40 million Americans looking after an aging parent or partner, your life is incredibly busy and stressful. We know because we’re doing it too, and that’s why we’re building Kinto: so that every single caregiver has the advice and support of our community in their pocket or purse, as well as a bunch of useful tools to make your life a little easier!


Introducing Kinto

Care Better.

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Practical Advice

Always feel prepared to do what's best for your aging loved one. 

Supportive Community

Find encouragement through caregivers that share similar experiences. 

Easy-to-Use Tools 

Manage and organize care for your loved one. 

Care Teams

Connect family, friends, physicians and providers to your Care Team to streamline communication.


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Check Ins

Keep track of mom on a regular basis and share updates with your Care Team.



Keep track of your loved ones medications and understand important drug interactions and side effects.

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Feel supported by the shared experiences of other caregivers.

Everything you need all in one place.