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As a member of 's Care Team, you have the ability to record important information about their care as well as access information input by other members of the Care Team. Communication about your loved one has never been easier and more streamlined!




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What can I do with Kinto?

Access Practical Advice

With information on subjects ranging from finances to self-care, our articles will provide the practical advice you need as someone who cares for an aging loved one.

Connect with Others

Through our supportive community, you have the ability to connect with other caregivers outside of your Care Team.  

Utilize Easy-to-Use Tools

  • Check-Ins: Let your Care Team know how is doing and access Check-Ins recorded by others. Over time a trend will be created, which will allow you to see how your loved one's health has changed.
  • Family Messaging: You have the ability to send and receive private messages from other members of your Care Team.
  • To Dos: Does someone need to bring to a doctor's appointment? Assign tasks to yourself and other members of the Care Team.
  • Medication Management: It is critical to actively manage your loved one's medication. Input everything they are taking, as well as the dosage and time they should be taking it. Does your loved one have an allergy? Input this as well. On top of this, we automatically check for drug interactions.
  • Document Storage: Keep an image of important documents, like a living will or life insurance policy, close at hand in case you need them on-the-go.