Keeping Track of Meds

Keeping track of your loved one’s meds is one of the most helpful things you can do as a caregiver. It can be a lot of work because many older folks take more than a dozen prescriptions per year. Tracking meds is worthwhile because many medications should not be taken together, and many seniors take their meds incorrectly. Medication mistakes are some of the biggest health risks for seniors.

As caregivers, we are usually responsible for our loved one’s meds anyway, and we often end up sorting pills into weekly pillboxes, handling refills, going to the pharmacy, and even paying the co-pays (which can really add up!)

We’ve created a super handy Medications Tool that allows you to quickly and easily enter meds into Kinto.  Remember to include both prescription meds and over-the-counter medications like Aspirin. Once entered, we will immediately alert you if there are dangerous combinations so you can discuss issues with your loved one's doctors. You and your family Care Team can see all your loved one’s meds in one place, and you can get to the list at any time. 

As your loved one gets older, the list will change and grow, so keeping the Medications Tool updated will save time and help avoid dangerous mistakes. Often, doctors don’t communicate with each other and end up prescribing drugs that shouldn’t be taken together. When this happens the results can be extremely serious, and we want to help make sure your loved one stays safe!