"I don't need that"

As you become more involved with your loved one’s care, you’re likely to hear them say "I don’t need that!" You may also hear “I’m not paying” or just plain “No.” You know your loved one better than anyone, so you'll know the best way to convince them, but here are a few strategies that we’ve found successful:

1. Show them the Official Stuff

Say you want to install grab bars and your loved one resists. Try showing them the official guides and recommendations showing how dangerous falls are. Once they see that each year **3 million seniors go to the emergency room due to a fall**, it becomes easier to say "Yes". 

2. Start Small

Maybe grab bars are too much for a first step, but non-slip decals in the tub or shower are easy, nearly invisible and hopefully welcome. In fact, we put them in our own tubs so we don’t slip ourselves! Also we’ve yet to hear a senior object to brighter lights, especially if they are saving money at the same time.

3. Offer to Pay

We realize this can be a huge burden on our caregivers, but sometimes offering to pay can do the trick. Hopefully you can get your siblings to chip in too!

4. Find Attractive Hardware

There are many new senior safety products out there that are designed to look much more attractive and less hospital-like than before. While these usually cost a bit more, it may be worth it to your loved one to lessen the sting.

5. Just Do It

We know of many cases where a caregiver went ahead and installed critical safety items even though their loved one didn’t exactly agree. This won’t always work out, but when there is a high risk of injury, sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.