How Kinto Works

The Kinto App has 5 main sections explained below. But actually the best way to learn how to use Kinto is to just try different things out. The first time you use a new tool, you’ll see a quick explanation of how it works!

Family Feed

The Feed is where you see all the things you and your family are doing to help look after your loved one. Each time one of you does a Check-In, updates a prescription med, adds a To Do, or even reads an article in Advice, all family members will see it on the Family Feed. The Feed also makes it super easy to chat privately with each other about what’s going on.

Start by inviting the rest of your family and family friends who are helping to look after your loved one! Just tap on the “Invite” button!


- To Dos: A handy list to help your family keep track of the things you need to do!
- Contacts: Shared contact list of all the doctors, hospitals, and helpers involved in your loved one's care
- Check-ins: A quick way to keep a record of how your loved one is doing. Anyone in your family can add a check-in
- Medications: An easy way to keep track of your loved one's meds so the list will always be in your pocket
- Allergies: List of medications, foods, or anything else your loved one is allergic to
- Documents: Shared folder of your loved one's important medical and legal documents so you always have them at your fingertips


Advice is a set of articles written by the Kinto team that give useful and practical tips on the best ways to deal with the most important issues. (You're in Advice right now!) We add articles to the Advice section all the time and keep improving the existing ones. After reading an article you can ask questions, share your opinion, and tell us what we’re missing or when we’ve gotten something wrong!


The Community section is where we chat with each other about everything from the best senior exercise class in Boise to the most cost-effective Medicare Advantage plan in Boston. It’s also the place to share the load of caregiving with other caregivers who truly understand what you’re going through.


Settings is where you manage your Kinto account and your personal details. Please Register with your mobile phone number so you log back into your account in case you change or lose your phone!

We’ll continue to improve these tools and add new ones, so please let us know what you would find most useful!