Does Your Father Have a Will?

Everyone dies. But, according to a 2016 Gallup poll, one out of three Americans older than 65 do not have a will which says how their money and property will be passed on. When someone dies without a will, the courts have to get involved which not only takes up time and money, but can end up dividing things in ways the deceased would not have wanted. Also, having no will or a will that is long out of date can create a great deal of confusion and bad feelings during an already difficult time. We at Kinto strongly recommend that caregivers check with their loved ones to make sure that there is legal will that properly captures their wishes.

Many folks do not realize that making a will does not have to be complicated or expensive, and you do not even have to use a lawyer. There are online services that can create a will for under $200 dollars, or you can even do it yourself. But consulting a lawyer can be very helpful especially if your father’s estate is worth more than $100,000. Just like his Advance Directive, once the will is created you should keep a copy in a safe place and also upload it into Kinto using our Documents Tool.