Checking In

When you talk to your loved one, is it hard to figure out if they need help?  Does your brother or sister think your loved one is fine when you know they're not? Even if things are going pretty well, it’s important to keep track of how they are doing, share info with family, and discover changes and problems before they become bigger. That’s why we built the Kinto Check-in Tool! It’s a simple and fast way to keep everyone in the loop!

To use the Check-in Tool, go to the Tools section of the app and tap on Check-ins. Go ahead and add a check-in and the tool will walk you through a couple of quick questions and let you add your own comments. The Check-in is automatically shared with your family members in your Kinto Care Team so everyone can be in the loop on how your loved one is doing over time!

Here are a few tips to make your check-ins as useful as possible:

1. Body

Are there any changes in how your loved one moves around, eats, does household tasks, or holds objects?

2. Mind

Note any issues with your loved one’s memory, speech, or other struggles. We all have “senior moments” but if they're forgetting things regularly, make sure your family knows. 

3. Mood

Is your loved one’s mood or alertness different than normal? Sometimes these changes can alert you to hidden problems, like a reaction to a new medication or problems with their diet.

4. Daily Living

Check that your loved one is keeping up with the basics. Is your loved one keeping their house normally tidy, seeing friends, and paying bills? Make sure the food in the fridge is fresh. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom.

5. The Good Stuff

Don’t forget to note the good things! Did your loved one try a new activity or join a new hobby club?